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X) I’m lovin’ the mini-series running at the end of the new arc!!!

ESP since it features a chibi vamp hibari.

chibi hibari kyoya vampire

and here’s a random screen of mistgun (that i like)



From KATEKYO HITMAN episodes…

Just random sexy shots of people…

hibari fonfon likes birds as well!cute rebornseexy hibarirlyyy sexy hibari

hibari says hey bitches


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on the first page of chapter 240 of KHR !

– note the guy who bears an uncanny resemblance to hibari/ipin’s master

 arcobaleno grownup reborn

For once, i actually should thank canadian for showing me this picture:


She found it at the end of chapter 234 of the manga, and i’d have to say that it’s definitely my favourite scan. Hibari looks awesome!! In fact ALL of them look awesome, hence the name: khr awesomeness

… Although I was the one who slaved away trying to find the original scan (without the scanlator’s credits) the old fashioned way (ie: google images and guessing keywords), canadian was desperate enough to actually contact the scanlators  =____=”

After 2 and a half hours, I prevailed!! ^^

Turns out it was from the back cover of the Original Soundtrack. 

Here’s the pic: 



Anyways, while trying to find that one scan, i stumbled across a couple of others which i really liked too ^^ 








In the end, i guess fanservice is a MUST

issue three [replies]

HEY!!!! We’re finally BACK!!! yup…. it’s been what? half a year??  (kinda lost track coz i accidently deleted issue 02…)

Anyways… just to let you guys know… i’m green and thecanadian will be purple (because HIBARI is wearing purple in the episode i’m watching)

Well, the main reason we’re back is coz 1. assessments are OVER and 2. we’ve recently been watching this new anime and it is seriously cool. We even got steph halena to watch it!!!!


i dont’ really want to do this … coz i want to watch kATEKYO hITMAN rEBORN(the anime) .. but =_=”


well my favourite characters are tsuna and HIBARIII…mukuro and lambo!!

And i like tsuna, hibari, gokudera, lambo, dino, mukuro, yamamoto…etc, etc… i have tonnes of other fav charaters… but i don’t have the time or patience to list them… ANYWAYS

Here’s a pic of the guys (basically, only guys are cool in this anime … lal is OHKAY)hehe^^


from the left, they are: lambo, gokudera, tsuna , reborn(the baby down the bottom), yamamoto, hibari and dino.

But that’s not why we’re here… well, it is… BUT we’re only going to discuss two of them in detail… maybe some brief notes on the rest of our favs if we have time….

Umm.. I’m going to talk about..


 ^_^ he’s so cool in the episode i’m watching right now

in fact … =_=”

i would be watching, but mistyazn won’t let me TOT

anyway he’s a … erm… the school disciplinary captain.. he’s there to beat up anyone who disobeys the school rules or harms the school structure in any way.. i know, overprotective..

guess what. his ringtone is the school song =_= such a nerd..

hn.  So you’re probably wondering what type of personality this overprotective school disciplinary captain has. Well, lets just say that he practically emanates uptight prick: aka there is a stick lodged permanently up his ass. But having said that, he is nonetheless still one of my favourite characters, despite his disloyalty, aura of mysteriousness and downright terse use of dialogue. How he managed to crawl his way into my mind? I, quite frankly, have no idea.    

and.. whatever. picture time 


So here he is in school uniform…. i know… he looks kinda…[insert your choice of adjectives here]  Anyways… 

He’s still cool… in this one episode… he defeats this really strong dude… in like 3 seconds… literally. He was acting totally confident, and i was expecting the fight to be dragged out (due to him, underestimating the enemy, you know, typical anime stalling) BUT, he just killed him…. JUST like it was nothing… he wasn’t even SCRATCHED…. 

well… he’s cool …. oh and the dude he was fighting is in the pic below: (YES the dude with the mask is the enemy NOT HIBARI 


HAHA he’s so COOL !! XD

yeah well, he’s .. erm what do you call it

the strongest guardian out of the seven *nods* wikipedia said so..

and he’s currently my favourite character, tsuna is.. basicallly tied for first with him 

*_*      ahh well..

what to say . . . -_-“

So, now we’ll move onto TSUNA!!

he is seriously.. THE COOLEST 

Anyways… here’s a pic just to get started: ^^


Seriously… .omg… once he gets into fighting mode he is like….. *drools*

ermmm.. yeah, like i said, it’s extremely hard to choose between hibari and tsuna

he’s such a wimp at the beginning of the series… a total girl, his VOICE is a girl

but he still is kinda lame, though it can be totally ignored when he becomes cool..

He can use fire, i know, cool right? then who uses ice? 



he can freeze other people’s fire, cool huh…he inherited the ability..

i think . . ermm what was i going to say ?………

he’s really nice.

um.. and his mom cooks nice food..

and .. his dad’s an important person.

and he’s really stupid..

and he’s funny..

and his eyes are cool

and … umm

he has nice hair ?

CHECK OUT THESE SCREENSHOTS (yeah i know, it’s on my other blog… too lazy to repost.)

ummmm… canadian….. his dad’s in the mafia…..

Well, that’s NOT the point. Tsuna is your typical lame and completely underestimated protagonist. In fact, at the beginning of this anime series, i was seriously considering giving up on pursuing the show and moving onto the next because of my lack of interest in tsuna. However, this ALL changes after the first 20 or so episodes, where he finally begins to show some promising potential. 

He basically ditches his lame/uncool/boring/waytoonice personality. Well, not exactly. But his outer appearance (just his eyes) changes and that just gives him this powerful aura. And together with his annoyingly addictive theme song playing in the background, you, again, have the perfect material for another fangirl obsessive character.   


here are some more pics for your enjoyment ^^  and mine






Yea… so that’s tsuna… -___-“

So now… onto some more of our favs…

first of all… this is mukuro: (pic below) 

He’s an illusionist… a really good one by the way…. and he’s COOL too!! ….i know… you guys have heard enough already… but too bad…. keep reading.



 so right now, he’s in mafia JAIL..

coz he used to kill people for fun..

but he’s one of the main-ish characters, so he still appears..despite the fact that he’s in jail..


he’s an illusionist remember?

he just.. erm.. how do you say it… um he..

erm !?!?!

he … materializes himself.. while still being physically in jail

: ) awesome huh

Next is: *drumroll* GOKUDERA!!!

He sorta has the gangster look…. which i normally don’t really like… but he’s an exception… OMG he’s cool too!! He’s actually a nerd/genius. He is definitely the smartest out of the six guardians, though he may not look it and can even play the piano. He looks especially cute with his reading glasses on and his hair tied back.

That’s him in the school uniform *points down*



ummmm.. no… he doesn’t smoke…. i think it’s a pocky in his mouth……yup… it’s a strawberry pocky!

** stop lying to yourself, he smokes. It’s a fan thing to find out which brand he smokes**

uhh… no, that’s definitely a strawberry pocky… it’s a little too long to be a cigarette, and it abruptly changes colour towards the tip… PLUS there is NO smoke coming out of that thing, therefore, it is definitely a pockey.

And in the next pic with gokudera is YAMAMOTO!!! X_X


Don’t they look SOOOOOOO good together!?!?!?!?!? hehe^^ 



and yamamoto.. TOGETHER?




haha if i were mean i would say that there is nothing to say about him

seriously, all he does is throw dynamite around

but on another note, he’s really loyal to the point where he’s hilarious

ALSO, he’s got a really good personality, xD

.. ummm yeahh

uhhhhh exCUSE me canadian?? he doesn’t JUST throw dynamite around yeah he does. … but i DO agree with the good personality so we’re ALL happy!!


he’s the typical cool guy, good at sports.. etc

well he’s natural hitman material..

: )

says reborn (the retarted kid) and yeah..

he’s REALLY cool when you see him when he’s … what 25 ?

Yea… yamamoto is soooooo COOL… especially when he’s sword fighting… though he is unrealistically dense in the anime. But this can be totally ignored in the 3rd season of the anime. ^^


And that was yamamoto with squalo… who is also really cool… they’re both sword fighters and they’re both REALLY strong… 

.. now lambo . . . 

🙂 aww such a CUTIE ! ! ! ! he’s got the most adorable personality and the weirdest habits..

He’s constantly looking for trouble.. i guess

he’s pretty mindless 🙂  and his cow skin costume is just so cute

and his VOICE ! ! ! ! 🙂 🙂 



I know!! Lambo is SOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!

Okay now I just feel stupid coz I’ve basically repeated everything you’ve just said.

here’s a picture of him (he was really scared in this pic….just so you know… he is sooooooo squishy!!) 



and this is lambo when he is 15 years old:


and , dino

all i have to say:

DINO X HIBARI is non existent..  WHAT!?!?! DinoxHibari is one of THE BEST malexmale pairings EVER!! OMG THE TENSION between them. And i have PROOF!!! in this one ep… dino was fighting with hibari (in one of their training sessions) and hibari says to dino: “i’ll take you down on all fours”  Please, tell me that’s not gay.

don’t listen to mistyazn. don’t listen to mistyazn


Anyways, here’s a pic of dino… with hibari… as usual… but recently, hibarixtsuna has been pretty appealing too. 


That’s obviously FANART. Here’s an OFFICIAL dino pic.


oh and dino also has these cool tattoos on his left arm… you can’t really tell from the pic above… but the point is … they’re really cool… i can’t exactly be bothered going through 92 eps to find the one of his arm….

ahh.. now byakuran. He’s basically the main antagonist of the 3rd season. From what i’ve seen so far, he doesn’t seem like an evil character of sorts. WHAT ? HE IS TRYING TO KILL REBORN. THAT MAKES HIM EVIL.  In fact, all he seems to do is sit down in his private office and mull over who knows what? flowers. That’s what. But, with that said, I have actually seen him fight what, with marshmallows?… and he is damn good at what he does. when? okay fine… i haven’t seen him FIGHT fight… but i HAVE seen him fight. Like, they have the whole confrontation, the tense atmosphere is all set, and… it cuts off. But the end result is all that matters. The point is, he beat mukuro unscathed. He is basically the perfect example of an “apparently klutzy but deep down inside evil (he might not actually be evil… but lets just say he’s ambitious)” antagonist. And here’s what you been waiting for: HE’S SOOOOO COOL (when he eats marshmallows?) !! Here are some pics: 

edit: [pictures will be up soon!!! as soon as i can get as i can get clearnote’s pale ass OVER HERE] 

edit: im here ! ! meh, byakuran’s ok, a real flower lover… must be suggesting some yaoi-ness… 


reobyaku111AWWW!!! … omg, did i just support yaoi? .. well I’ll have you know, Byakuran is fit for a yaoi relationship. He’s a girly man.

Nah, byakuran is definitely a masculine guy. Cute, but masculine. And he is definitely smart. Just because he is damn good at faking a personality doesn’t mean he’s girly… but you’re right about one thing. He is definitely fit for a yaoi relationship with mukuro XD. Well actually… now that i think about it… byakuranxmukuro definitely exists. You want proof? Just look at their smirks at each other in the pic below. It just screams sexual tension.

5ev131byakuran X mukuro      !!  i wanted to watch them fight : (

And FINALLY…(oh wait…there’s one more after this…), there’s BEL!! well, his full name is bel- …..wait… crap… i forgot his full name….

BUT that’s what wikipedia is for!! ….. be back in a sec

– goes to eat a marshmallow, like byakuran –

belphegor… .so his name’s not that great but WHO CARES? he’s basically a genius who fights with knives! and yes that is a tiara…. everyone calls him the ‘prince’ ….. don’t ask… he didn’t really seem like a genius to me, you haven’t seen true anime genius till you’ve seen deathnote.

oh wait… his name is ON the freaking picture. (whams head against the wall) Okay, NO ONE saw that.

here’s a pic:


I saw that. =D

Whatever. So now that finally brings us to BASIL!! and YES i like him with tsuna

tsuna and basil…. get it?? tuna and basil  *silence* forget it….

and here’s a pic!!


there WAS a better pic…. but the school blocked it…..  ya… I’m doing this during spares.

But i guess to sum it all up… my favourite pairings would probably be dinoxhibari, gokuderaxyamamoto, tsunaxbasil, hibarixtsuna and byakuranxmukuro

of course you DON’T have to agree with my choice of pairings. I dunno, katekyo hitman reborn isn’t really one of my favourite fanfiction fandoms… the anime itself is better than anything i’ve read in that category in fanfiction at least.

er.. watch it

it’s good… even if you’re not watching it for the (implied) yaoi… it’s seriously good. The plot is pretty good too… 

the first season is mainly crack-ish humour… but the second and thirds seasons are really worth watching!

thecanadian and i both have the anime, so ask us if you want it!!  (only applies to those we personally email xD) sorry!

And before I go, I just wanna SHOW you guys another bit of fanservice!

These are all the guys (minus tsuna), well they’re tsuna’s “guardians” 10 years into the future, which is basically the 3rd arc of the anime series. I HAD to include it coz hibari just looks WAYY too good there (yamamoto doesn’t look so bad himself). He’s the 2nd guy (well no duh, they’re all guys) from the right (yamamoto is on the far right). Though I do have to say that gokudera looks pretty messed up in that picture for some reason. I WAS going to fix it up in photoshop, but I just don’t have the time now… so, sorry guys… despite the fact that I probably would’ve messed it up even further XP

Enjoy!! SO HOT… >__< esp hibari and yamamoto (18 & 80)


Cya! (till next time…. probably another couple of months… -___-”) 

or a couple of terms XD


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