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This little ‘blurb’ is gna be followed by a series of pictures.

All I have to say about them is… “I WANT ONE TOOO HEIIIII!!!!”

& FYI, Hei’s the super hawt one… X)

And just some more pic spammage of Hei because the world needs more people who look like him…

argh. you know what? they dun even have to look like him. his ARMS. just look at him armsss *swoons*


oiii. where’s mai credit fer think of the title, hm?


I WANTS HUG TOO! (offer only available to one HEI.)


How do you react when you see a hawt guy in a public place? Um… a guy similar to this…

-___-, not a guy SIMILAR to this, a guy that IS this. abso-freaking-lutely hawt.


This, is me.

1. SPOT HAWT GUY. *wolf-whistle* SHEIT… that guy has a hawt back under that baggy white shirt… >___> naisssssse hair too… that’s a hell of a lot of ramen he ate.. he’s gna be obese by the time he’s 30… X)

You see, (a little known secret): fangirls like chrystal sweat a lot under high pressure situations. When she sees a loose-shirted guy with tight jeans hugging his incredibly round a- i mean, errr, what she said >.> “naaiiiis hair,” the hose just starts running.

2. OH F^CK… mai eyes… can’t take so much hawtness at once.. EFF EFF.. his fayceeeeeeeeeee… OMGGGGG HIS SHIRT ISN’T FULLY BUTTONED… AKFJEWJiwekjw@239 …

yay! exhibit no.3 – the exposed midriff and unbuttoned collar. As you can see.. her hose is still on.

3. -this pic is kinda incorrect coz my face wouldn’t look like that girl’s it’d be more like.. O___O-’s.walking.away… NOOOOOOOOOOOH CANNOT STOP LOOKING AT HIMM I NEED KIDNAPPP HIMMMMMM

yeh. i agree. that pic is incorrect. THE CORRECT PIC would have chrystal’s face pressed riiiight up against his ass, filthy paws clutching it like some sort of prize.

4. But of course, I’m sane. I wouldn’t go and randomly kidnap hot people… Instead, I stare wistfully after them… so tragic T^T

… this picture is definitely wrong. You’re clutching his ass remember?

…continue to stare wistfully… possessively..

and comment on his particularly awesome parts. XD

What’s that sound chrystal? that’s the sound of you crashing through the restaurant window after being yanked off his ass.


omg. this wasn’t funneh. -___-

chrystal. make this funny.


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