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this post is mainly here so that i can vent.

… and get some answers.

but mostly to vent.

let’s start off with:


because aksjfnkjfdg, the producers of gintama are apparently NOT making any further episodes. After all those gags they had about season 3 being the last season, and episode whatever-it-was being the last episode, and episode whatever-it-was-plus-n being the real last episode but-was-actually-another-feint.. JUST HOW COULD THEY?!




it can’t really be the end T_T


someone please tell me this isn’t true..

tell me they’re not gunna end it like this.

.. oohh! i DO know my google keyword-search skills are pretty appalling.. ! mayhaps those sources i found were lying..*narrows eyes*

*clings onto every last ray of hope that gintama will continue*


it aint over till teh morbidly obese anime lady sings! >_> whatever that actually means. i don’t see no fat ladiesss! hrmph. oh man… i’m going crazy..


So if you’re incredibly dumb, have skin that’s unnaturally pale, and it just so happens that your name is crystal with a H.. you might be one of the “lucky” people who know that i’ve recently developed an extreme, undeniable urge to watch Okkiku Furikabutte.

Okay. so maybe it’s licensed. Not that that’s ever stopped me before >__>

If you knew me, you’d know that i haaaate. hate with a burning fiery passionn, online streaming episodes. so that wasn’t an option.

But no. fricking. website. has it available. for. direct. download. ( does actually have it.. but for some reason their server connections aren’t working.. or maybe the links are dead. iuno)

AGHkjashFLa mseUs DGKJh


i have a mac. macs + torrenting = *insert keyboard smashing*

soo.. that’s where it’s at as of now. I’ve lasted almost 2 days without touching it, because usually when i touch things they inexplicably break down, explode and die… and then maybe crash and burn some more.

Anyway, turns out i couldn’t wait -__-, and i’ve already finished pretty much the entire first season.


If you’ve seen prince of tennis or eyeshield 21.. this is like.. an extremely.. toned-down baseball orientated sports anime. i won’t lie, in terms of actual sporting and competition, those two are definitely on a different level.

(If you like yaoi, you should get torrenting. s’like watching yaoi without any actual yaoi >.> )

Mihashi is THE MOST adorable liitttlee (figuratively speaking) boy EVARR. suuure, if any other 16 year old guy (keywords: in real life) burst into tears in front of me every 3 seconds, it’d get awkward pretty quickly. *inches. away. slowly… veeery.. slowww. ly..*

But hey. anything goes in anime.

XDD including this:

hehe. i love tajimaaaa. his expression is literally:


D: D:


wao. this post came out sorta download-ranting turned fail-anime-review turned compulsive-screenshot-uploading -__-,

umm coz im not interested in yaoi.. im obviously not going to watch this. …watch iiiittt. it’s cute X) you know.. shojo.. without the shojo -__-, heh heh..

esp since there are no SUITABLY AGED GUYS IN IT.

im srsly beginning to out-grow characters.. WHAI ARE THEY ALL IN HIGHSCHOOL.

Ichigo is frickin’ 15 T^T

— this is a tragedy… that all anime lovin’ ppl musht go through… T___T what did we do to deserve this..!!?

PSH. They’re SIXTEEN (16). if that’s not “suitably aged” then iuno what is. seriously. anything between 12 and 25 is aaaall good.

LOOK at them. Their glimmering eyes, rosy red cheeks… that does not look like 16. They look like… 12 yr olds.

i am not a pedophile. i am not a pedophile. i am not a pedophile. i am NOT a pedophile goddamn youuuuuuu *covers ears*

you are. *pats on back* stay away from my bruh-dah. X)


Posted on: May 21, 2010

s-someone reads our posts..?

someone actually.. l-likess us!?


*head inflates to the size of a bajillion watermelons*


we’ll whip up something new.. soon enough.

we will?

I can’t believe you posted about your lack of an ego… at least have the sense not to drag me in.


but ditto on the ‘someone reads our posts’ thing.

there was a tiny voice in the back of my head that kinda acknowledged that we were CWAP.

psh, IN UR FACE, voice. I AM AWESOME.

my reaction: … but with a more shocked face… maybe with a dropped jaw or something

i need some anime to watch……. it’s all mistyazn’s fault for not catering to my taste.

someone actually likesss meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. no it’s not my mum >.>

Hey, that was SUM anime, eh?


This isn’t a BLOG, per se…

It’s more like an online posting of our very opinionated discussions of anime.

…see, That’s SUM Anime © started off as a piece of writing that was mass e-mailed to our close friends.

Then, as our otaku alter egos grew, we decided we needed a bigger place to share our obsessions in. A blog sounded about right.

But then, there’s school. SCHOOL SCHOOL SCHOOL.

Thanks to the above mentioned s-word, our posts are not only inconsistent, but rare. I think we’ve established an average of about 3 issues per year (in our first year). But don’t let that get you down… We’re as passionate as ever, maybe even to the point where we should quit s-word altogether and find a job in Japan… where we will watch and obsess over anime for a living.

Since canadian’s literary competency seems to be much more advanced than mine, i’m gonna leave most of the explanations and the “get to know us” type of stuff up to her. See? My crappy utterly fantastic english skills are kicking in right about now. But you’ll hear more from me in our incessant anime ramblings posts.

Not only that, she’s probably more imaginative than me anyways. In fact, she left me a list of words that would apparently “fill the void” that was the right half of my brain. The point is, she’ll keep you guys entertained. At least, she’d better.

With all that said, i’d now like to mention that I am also an obsessive fanfiction reader (not so much a writer, for reasons you will all soon know) and an avid supporter of yaoi, especially in the form of sasunaru. Because of this, there’ll probably be a couple of pages on that too with quotes, pics and recommendations… depending on whether or not my ass decides it’s time to get off the chair and work (if updating a blog is considered work anyways).

Oh and finally, in case you guys didn’t know… there are TWO of us writing this blog. thecanadian writes in purple and I write in green.

Our anime posts are located in the “archive” section in the sidebar to your right. Please Have fun! ^^


FYI – t a k o y a k i means ‘under construction’ What she means is that

t a k o y a k i

will be pasted on any page which is still under construction. =___=”
Why? I’m not so sure myself. Don’t be silly, of course I’m not crazy. Sure you’re not.

thecanadian has this weird obsession with takoyaki. Why? I honestly have no idea. She’s probably on the brink of insanity. That or her cravings have finally gotten to her.


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