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Posted on: May 21, 2010

s-someone reads our posts..?

someone actually.. l-likess us!?


*head inflates to the size of a bajillion watermelons*


we’ll whip up something new.. soon enough.

we will?

I can’t believe you posted about your lack of an ego… at least have the sense not to drag me in.


but ditto on the ‘someone reads our posts’ thing.

there was a tiny voice in the back of my head that kinda acknowledged that we were CWAP.

psh, IN UR FACE, voice. I AM AWESOME.

my reaction: … but with a more shocked face… maybe with a dropped jaw or something

i need some anime to watch……. it’s all mistyazn’s fault for not catering to my taste.

someone actually likesss meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. no it’s not my mum >.>


Okay… THIS post is long overdue and is solely dedicated NOEL (just coz she asked)… 

For all other people: Welcome to mistyazn’s super cool awesome rebuttals the page which contains my responses to noel’s comments! (totally impressive title huh?)

And unless you haven’t been enlightened as of yet, I figured writing replies would be a pretty nonsensical thing to do, seeing as we don’t get TOO many comments which are just pressing for answers/meaningful responses. 

What a killjoy…

Anyways, to the bulk (or as canadian would put it; the meat) of this post. 

1. Yes, i’d have to agree that ouran is painfully straight. There is just no denying that. No i don’t like TamakixKyouya, but no one’s stopping you. 

I guess their relationship is canon. I mean, if any love exists between them, it’s very onesided. On Kyouya’s behalf. Though it irks me that he also seems interested in Haruhi (just my perception though – though i’ll have to remind you that i watched ouran before i had discovered the wonders of yaoi ^^) Errr… Kyouya is just plain boring (yes, i know i’m offending a lot of people by saying that, but hey, it’s my opinion). He doesn’t DO all too much. He just loiters in the shadows. And plays with his glasses. Lemme guess… you reckon he does heaps, behind the scenes and all. Too bad reality says: Screen-time is precedent. 

2. Okay… i dunno where you pulled tsubasa chronicles out from but again, kurogane’s not one of my favs. But i can’t say he’s quote: “U.G.L.Y” 

Fye and his twin brother? uhhh… no. I prefer (keyword: prefer) one-sided twincest (with HikaruxKaoru from ouran), but it’s not really my thing in general… iuno. I don’t mind light implications, but i honestly don’t see FyexYuui. AshuraxFye: yes. KuroganexFye: yes. But seriously, the idea of more twisted pairings is just a bit excessive. I think you may have mixed up me and XiMay. Now, SHE is an avid KuroxFye supporter.

3. SyaoranxSakura was, like i’ve said before, one of my favourite straight pairings. They are not: “EWWWW” If you want “EWWWW” check out: TamakixKyouya. I’m not saying i like the Syaoran and Sakura from tsubasa chronicles. I’m saying i like them from Cardcaptor Sakura. I know, it’s a childish anime. But i think their personalities are portrayed MUCH better there.

Syaoran’s a cocky bastard opposed to his sensitive, caring persona in tsubasa. 

Sakura’s more outgoing, bubbly – typical female protagonist (but, much more tolerable. Maybe coz her voice isn’t so freakishly high pitched) as opposed to her weak, feeble, dull (need i go on?) counterpart in tsubasa. 

4. *cough* blame cindy (and canadian – indirectly) and her persistence. I know, boyxboy was the last thing i would’ve thought that i could ever enjoy. Blame Naruto for looking so cute with Sasuke. Blame a whole lotta other crap which made me change my mind. And the podium? I meant that it was fuuny. I couldn’t stop laughing. Effing funniest thing i’ve read (not really, but heh… cbb deleting and re-typing). I also liked Piano Man and Church Boy. Absolutely hilarious. Based around Itachi and Hidan too (no, they are NOT in a romantic relationship)!

5. DumbleWald? … erm… i’ll pretend i know what that is… I’m not a huge Harry Potter fan. I can imagine myself liking HarryxDraco… but that’s about it. I don’t relish in reading about two old geezers engaging in a romantic relationship. Possibly on a carnal level. Especially if they’re both men. (May i remind you again, that i have no idea who Wald is… i’m just assuming he’s a guy since i don’t have any recollection of you EVER liking a straight pairing).

6. Junjou Romantica is officially my favourite solely yaoi based anime ever! I KNOW the anime’s cliched and typical and all that. But i’m just one for sappy romances. Even though i may not seem to be an overly sappy type person.

AkihikoxHiroki is non-existent. You just insulted my favourite pairing in the series: NowakixHiroki. I LOVE THEM! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!? Hiroki is effing adorable, looking past his pride and highly strung attitude. And i just CAN’T hate Nowaki. I was getting goosebumps and shivers of delight when they got together ^^ can’t blame Nowaki for being a little dense. Plus, i like both their voice actors -sighs-

Takahiro… gah! He’s just… stupid. I mean, if YOUR best friend presses himself against you (also a guy) and sandwiches you between him and the wall, pushes his face forwards until you can feel his breath lingering against your cheek, his lips an inch from yours. Tell me he’s not gonna kiss/molest/rape you right then and there. And to think Takahiro believes that Akihiko sees him as JUST A FRIEND. Yeah right…

Misaki… is loud. And too impulsive. I don’t like his voice all that much. But he’s cute at times. Omfg, have you SEEN season 2? Akihiko’s brother, Haruhiko is so cool. He brings stoic to an all new level. He’s pretty much a reincarnation of Kyouya. Cool, calm and collected. A MUCH better characterisation though. I really like Haruhiko. I don’t even mind HIM ending up with Misaki, stealing him away from his own brother. But as usual, typical shonen-ai animes like to please their audiences. So Misaki still sticks with Akihiko. Much to your displeasure. 

7. Anime recommendation? Errr… have you seen HunterxHunter? It’s really good. Lotsa slashy characters too. Though, the graphics kills approximately 50% of how awesome it really is. It’s old. And the characters aren’t fabulously designed. But it entertained me ^^ I don’t really “support” any pairing in this anime… though KilluaxGon is pretty much canon. Cindy likes HisokaxGon x_X” gay pedophilia?

And Mai Hime was pretty good too. Though the lack of decent male characters (and even male characters in general) annoyed me. But i can’t blame the producers. If the characters were guys, the story would be totally different. 

Ahh… what else, what else… Soul Eater?… iuno if you’ll like it. Me and canadian enjoyed it. It’s really funny. Though probably not your type of humour… 

And Avatar (the last airbender)? … it’s not an anime… it’s an American cartoon… everyone’s heard of this one. But it’s really good. Childish, but good. You MAY have seen bits of it on (australian) tv… but that’s just the book of water. They haven’t aired anything after that. Basically, the second arc (earth) was my fav. The third arc (fire) was pretty good too. Heh… i really need to expand my vocabulary. Must learn to use adjectives other than “good”… -goes off in search of a thesaurus- 

8. Quote: “...BORED!!!!!!!! and whats the point of checkin the blog if u guys don’t update regularly huh?? that is MY question” Maybe coz i want to pass the HSC? 

-wipes brow- FINALLY. That took a damn long time for me to finish. heh… you’d better appreciate this Noel! I should’ve been writing my Hamlet critical study essay. 



After getting our first replies… we got really excited, the “REALLY!?!?!? OMFG” type. (This is despite the fact that we knew everyone who commented)

Needless to say, we love a healthy discussion… about anime. So here goes, our first batch of replies… and yes, we’re doing this fully aware of the fact that we see you guys practically everyday. …I just realised, none of the replies are anime related. *disappointment*

@ heshiyun I thought we established that you would make us a logo/banner… you’re practically our unofficial art person (?) … we’d appreciate it if you read it next time =___=”

@ strangledcod – HEHE… honored to have you here, ^_^V. (refer to heshiyun’s reply… from me)


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