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i’m typing this all up on a whim. dun expect anything to be coherent. this is not supposed to add meaningfulness to your life XDD

and canadian shall add whatever she likes to this after i’ve had my way with the various one piece characters.

if you haven’t actually watched one piece, you should get peel yourself off that seat and start downloading. believe me when i say it is worth the 100+ hours of screentime.

many people are hesitant because of the art. i promise the art really becomes the last thing on your mind when it comes to one piece. you sort of have to wade through 40 or so episodes before the awesome really starts to claw at you though.

although, i guess a healthier alternative is to read the manga >__>, you could probably save 3 weeks of your life on better things. but there’s nothing better than seeing one piece animated in all its 400+ episode glory.

there are, however, a couple of rules you need to keep in mind if you *do* decide to watch the anime. these are important if you *really* want soak up every last drop of awesome XDD

1. DO NOT READ SPOILERS. on many occasions have i been tempted to wrap my fingers around thecanadian’s neck and wring it dry. i myself, have broken this rule.. and i admit it really *does* detract from the overall one piece experience. i repeat. do not touch the wiki.

2. well.. heh. i said a couple, so i guess the next rule would be uhh.. no icon-searching, and no premature fanfiction reading?

XDDD any sort of one piece googling should be forbidden. spoilers are lurking everywhere. *nod grin*

aaand that sums it up.

now to the characters! (where i will say stuff and keep it very short so as to not give away any obvious spoilers).

1. Luffy is awesome to the point where no words can accurately place a rank on him. he goes from awesome to awesomer to awesomest to awesomester to awesomesterest. it doesn’t stop.

2. Zoro is hot. he has this bandana tied around his REALLY nice left arm which he puts on his head when he’s in serious mode >=(

i tend to think that he has more than a little thing for sanji ;D

also, i have like.. ONE screenshot of zoro and it’s of him riding a horse XDDD (figured i’d have more.. but it was all sanji)

okay i lied. i had two pics of him >__>. couldn’t resist a bandana shot.

3. Sanji is my favourite OP character. i just really really like the way the crease in his right eye is drawn omgh *__* plus he’s a chef. i think that’s what won me over. or maybe i just have an eyebrow or goatee fetish. idk.

Yesh, i feel all giddy inside when Sanji insults men (particularly zoro), and fawns pathetically over pretty women.

and when he brings out food.

also, i present to you, a very rare screenshot of topless!wet!sanji XD from what i remember (excluding opening theme songs), sanji only appears topless twice in 400+ episodes. Once in arabasta where the fucking steam kept blocking the goddamned view, and once in water 7. unless he appears topless in fillers. i didn’t watch those so i wouldn’t know. 
4. Usopp. eh, i can’t say much about the way he looks. he’s not the prettiest thing in the world. BUT, he completely won me over in the enies lobby arc.

5. Nami i didn’t like very much when she first appeared. i suppose guys appreciate her for her fanservice especially when she goes topless -__-, but she does grow on me. quite a bit too, after the Arlong arc.

6. Chopper is the cutest thing in the worldddddd. i want to squish him in my arms, not so differently from this:

his voice actor is seriously awesome. i think she does pikachu.. but that’s beside the point XD

7. i will stop here with the strawhat crew. no spoilers, yeah?

8. Ace is flipping awesome. He’s probably my second favourite character after Sanji. i’m pretty sure i have a thing for topless guys who shoot fire from their fists. The tattoos on his back and arm are just akjsfnkdfg. he has nice arms. and nice legs. and a nice chest and back.

appearances aside though, Ace is a great character. I think it took me an overnight’s sleep to forgive Oda(author) for what he did in the Marinford arc.

9. Bon Clay is my favouritest okama ever. apparently the green stuff around his eyes is mascara. sure fooled me XD

10. Franky is SUUUPERRRR !! he’s got the same voice actor as bon clay which i think is great. So i also have a thing for brash and uncouth middle-aged men in speedos with ginormous forearms, hairy legs, and blue hair. sue me >__>;;

11. Paulie is really cute XD he looks pretty tough but he’s a huge sap on the inside. i think he’s adorable.

12. Iceburg (i’m pretty sure his name is spelt with a U instead of an E). And the onslaught of characters from Water 7 continues heh, it’s a great arc, so great characters are a given? i like his mouse. and i like his voice. nmaa~

13. Shanks is awesome. end of story. i have yet to see how awesome he really is, but i’ll leave that for when i actually see it.

14. Marco has the coolest devil-fruit ability ever. homg. dun look him up *glares* i want his fruit, though.

15. Trafalgar Law only makes this list because he’s hot. *grin*

16. and Doflamingo only makes this list because he is flaming gay with his blatant flirting with Crocodile. it’s hilarious though.

and i’m going to stop listing because if i keep going on, the entire cast of one piece is going to be on this thing -__-,

aaand a youtube link to epic One Piece soundtrack music. just one though. my favourite one. X)

here goes my contribution..

ok, i guess the only thing  really need to get out of my head is how awesome one piece characters are.

and the best way for me to do that is by listing them out.. similar to the one ^ up there.

my list is shorter though. and better.

tied for first place are…

luffy and zoro.

luffy because he’s crazy carnivorous idiot who’d die for his dreams and fight to death for his friends.

zoro coz he’s a retard who doesn’t realise it and also because even though he’d do anything in the world to accomplish his goal of becoming the world’s best swordsman, he’d do even more to protect his nakama. proof? ep 377

wait. trafalgar also makes number one on my list, but because he’s a relatively new character.. his place isn’t as deeply embedded in awesome as the other two.

so why trafalgar? hmm, because he wears a nice hoodie, he has a talking bear for a crewmate,… he smirks heaps and… he’s emits major ‘im a badass’ waves whenever he’s on screen. ALSO, he saved luffy.

then there’s second place characters like… ace, chopper, smoker, kid, *rambles on*

i also have a hate list for all the objects/girls that have had any contact w/ my no.1’s… nami and robin and boa aren’t included coz they’re kewl and somewhat useful.

example.. perona and the mermaid grandma’s grandkid… i fink she crashed into luffy’s chest once >: (

.. now some uber lazy inserting of pics.

first.. trafalgar law. tell me you can’t feel ‘omg he’s a badass’ pulsing through you as you stare, mesmerised, at him

then .. zoro.

and finally, the only screenshot of luffy i ever made. srsly, his appearance does his personality no justice, not that it detracts from his overall appeal… ugh what am i saying..

*lols to self at how cute he is w/ eyelashes*

ok, and i guess i should give like.. 3/4 sentences of review-like content in this post since it’s an actual ‘issue’…rather than leave it as it is… which is a pointless post where we just gushgushgush about characters.

hmm, i start by sayin’ that im a person w/ super short attention span. and being faced with the epic anime that is OP, consisting of 400+ episodes… i was extremely ‘meeeeeeeeehhhhh’d but the task of watching it all. and truth to be told, i’m also not a fan of massive backstories etc, so i ended up skimming a lot of the earlier eps of OP.

not that i haven’t been skimming now

OP is very much like a typical long anime series, the characters set sail for the ultimate treasure, one piece. along the way, they make stops at various ‘exotic’ islands where a mini plot is introduced and explored in an ‘arc’. In the arc, there is a main villan and his evil lil’ minions and the mugiwaras usually kick their asses.

eventually these arcs will become more and more interesting as they develop into stepping stones for the Greater Plot.

that’s what i found anyway, the anime got more interesting once the arcs were no longer just about winning freedom/peace for a single island, but about the crew making their way into the big leagues, where danger became DANGER, powerful became POWERFUL and serious just got a whole new meaning.

it also helps that oda (anime author) makes you fall in love with the crew, this happens early on, trust me. Before you know it, you’ll be subconciously wishing luffy’d stick his arm out of ur laptop screen, drag you onto his ship and make you one of his precious nakama.

After watching this series, the word ‘nakama’ got itself a special little place in my heart.

I might also mention that this anime made me shed tears over an inanimate object. spoiler: …so what if it had a voice!? it’s still an inanimate object

oh right. that scene made me die a little on the inside. i definitely got teary. Seriously. the only anime that will make you cry over inanimate objects is One Piece -__-,


this post is mainly here so that i can vent.

… and get some answers.

but mostly to vent.

let’s start off with:


because aksjfnkjfdg, the producers of gintama are apparently NOT making any further episodes. After all those gags they had about season 3 being the last season, and episode whatever-it-was being the last episode, and episode whatever-it-was-plus-n being the real last episode but-was-actually-another-feint.. JUST HOW COULD THEY?!




it can’t really be the end T_T


someone please tell me this isn’t true..

tell me they’re not gunna end it like this.

.. oohh! i DO know my google keyword-search skills are pretty appalling.. ! mayhaps those sources i found were lying..*narrows eyes*

*clings onto every last ray of hope that gintama will continue*


it aint over till teh morbidly obese anime lady sings! >_> whatever that actually means. i don’t see no fat ladiesss! hrmph. oh man… i’m going crazy..

So if you’re incredibly dumb, have skin that’s unnaturally pale, and it just so happens that your name is crystal with a H.. you might be one of the “lucky” people who know that i’ve recently developed an extreme, undeniable urge to watch Okkiku Furikabutte.

Okay. so maybe it’s licensed. Not that that’s ever stopped me before >__>

If you knew me, you’d know that i haaaate. hate with a burning fiery passionn, online streaming episodes. so that wasn’t an option.

But no. fricking. website. has it available. for. direct. download. ( does actually have it.. but for some reason their server connections aren’t working.. or maybe the links are dead. iuno)

AGHkjashFLa mseUs DGKJh


i have a mac. macs + torrenting = *insert keyboard smashing*

soo.. that’s where it’s at as of now. I’ve lasted almost 2 days without touching it, because usually when i touch things they inexplicably break down, explode and die… and then maybe crash and burn some more.

Anyway, turns out i couldn’t wait -__-, and i’ve already finished pretty much the entire first season.


If you’ve seen prince of tennis or eyeshield 21.. this is like.. an extremely.. toned-down baseball orientated sports anime. i won’t lie, in terms of actual sporting and competition, those two are definitely on a different level.

(If you like yaoi, you should get torrenting. s’like watching yaoi without any actual yaoi >.> )

Mihashi is THE MOST adorable liitttlee (figuratively speaking) boy EVARR. suuure, if any other 16 year old guy (keywords: in real life) burst into tears in front of me every 3 seconds, it’d get awkward pretty quickly. *inches. away. slowly… veeery.. slowww. ly..*

But hey. anything goes in anime.

XDD including this:

hehe. i love tajimaaaa. his expression is literally:


D: D:


wao. this post came out sorta download-ranting turned fail-anime-review turned compulsive-screenshot-uploading -__-,

umm coz im not interested in yaoi.. im obviously not going to watch this. …watch iiiittt. it’s cute X) you know.. shojo.. without the shojo -__-, heh heh..

esp since there are no SUITABLY AGED GUYS IN IT.

im srsly beginning to out-grow characters.. WHAI ARE THEY ALL IN HIGHSCHOOL.

Ichigo is frickin’ 15 T^T

— this is a tragedy… that all anime lovin’ ppl musht go through… T___T what did we do to deserve this..!!?

PSH. They’re SIXTEEN (16). if that’s not “suitably aged” then iuno what is. seriously. anything between 12 and 25 is aaaall good.

LOOK at them. Their glimmering eyes, rosy red cheeks… that does not look like 16. They look like… 12 yr olds.

i am not a pedophile. i am not a pedophile. i am not a pedophile. i am NOT a pedophile goddamn youuuuuuu *covers ears*

you are. *pats on back* stay away from my bruh-dah. X)


Posted on: May 21, 2010

s-someone reads our posts..?

someone actually.. l-likess us!?


*head inflates to the size of a bajillion watermelons*


we’ll whip up something new.. soon enough.

we will?

I can’t believe you posted about your lack of an ego… at least have the sense not to drag me in.


but ditto on the ‘someone reads our posts’ thing.

there was a tiny voice in the back of my head that kinda acknowledged that we were CWAP.

psh, IN UR FACE, voice. I AM AWESOME.

my reaction: … but with a more shocked face… maybe with a dropped jaw or something

i need some anime to watch……. it’s all mistyazn’s fault for not catering to my taste.

someone actually likesss meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. no it’s not my mum >.>

Okay… THIS post is long overdue and is solely dedicated NOEL (just coz she asked)… 

For all other people: Welcome to mistyazn’s super cool awesome rebuttals the page which contains my responses to noel’s comments! (totally impressive title huh?)

And unless you haven’t been enlightened as of yet, I figured writing replies would be a pretty nonsensical thing to do, seeing as we don’t get TOO many comments which are just pressing for answers/meaningful responses. 

What a killjoy…

Anyways, to the bulk (or as canadian would put it; the meat) of this post. 

1. Yes, i’d have to agree that ouran is painfully straight. There is just no denying that. No i don’t like TamakixKyouya, but no one’s stopping you. 

I guess their relationship is canon. I mean, if any love exists between them, it’s very onesided. On Kyouya’s behalf. Though it irks me that he also seems interested in Haruhi (just my perception though – though i’ll have to remind you that i watched ouran before i had discovered the wonders of yaoi ^^) Errr… Kyouya is just plain boring (yes, i know i’m offending a lot of people by saying that, but hey, it’s my opinion). He doesn’t DO all too much. He just loiters in the shadows. And plays with his glasses. Lemme guess… you reckon he does heaps, behind the scenes and all. Too bad reality says: Screen-time is precedent. 

2. Okay… i dunno where you pulled tsubasa chronicles out from but again, kurogane’s not one of my favs. But i can’t say he’s quote: “U.G.L.Y” 

Fye and his twin brother? uhhh… no. I prefer (keyword: prefer) one-sided twincest (with HikaruxKaoru from ouran), but it’s not really my thing in general… iuno. I don’t mind light implications, but i honestly don’t see FyexYuui. AshuraxFye: yes. KuroganexFye: yes. But seriously, the idea of more twisted pairings is just a bit excessive. I think you may have mixed up me and XiMay. Now, SHE is an avid KuroxFye supporter.

3. SyaoranxSakura was, like i’ve said before, one of my favourite straight pairings. They are not: “EWWWW” If you want “EWWWW” check out: TamakixKyouya. I’m not saying i like the Syaoran and Sakura from tsubasa chronicles. I’m saying i like them from Cardcaptor Sakura. I know, it’s a childish anime. But i think their personalities are portrayed MUCH better there.

Syaoran’s a cocky bastard opposed to his sensitive, caring persona in tsubasa. 

Sakura’s more outgoing, bubbly – typical female protagonist (but, much more tolerable. Maybe coz her voice isn’t so freakishly high pitched) as opposed to her weak, feeble, dull (need i go on?) counterpart in tsubasa. 

4. *cough* blame cindy (and canadian – indirectly) and her persistence. I know, boyxboy was the last thing i would’ve thought that i could ever enjoy. Blame Naruto for looking so cute with Sasuke. Blame a whole lotta other crap which made me change my mind. And the podium? I meant that it was fuuny. I couldn’t stop laughing. Effing funniest thing i’ve read (not really, but heh… cbb deleting and re-typing). I also liked Piano Man and Church Boy. Absolutely hilarious. Based around Itachi and Hidan too (no, they are NOT in a romantic relationship)!

5. DumbleWald? … erm… i’ll pretend i know what that is… I’m not a huge Harry Potter fan. I can imagine myself liking HarryxDraco… but that’s about it. I don’t relish in reading about two old geezers engaging in a romantic relationship. Possibly on a carnal level. Especially if they’re both men. (May i remind you again, that i have no idea who Wald is… i’m just assuming he’s a guy since i don’t have any recollection of you EVER liking a straight pairing).

6. Junjou Romantica is officially my favourite solely yaoi based anime ever! I KNOW the anime’s cliched and typical and all that. But i’m just one for sappy romances. Even though i may not seem to be an overly sappy type person.

AkihikoxHiroki is non-existent. You just insulted my favourite pairing in the series: NowakixHiroki. I LOVE THEM! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!? Hiroki is effing adorable, looking past his pride and highly strung attitude. And i just CAN’T hate Nowaki. I was getting goosebumps and shivers of delight when they got together ^^ can’t blame Nowaki for being a little dense. Plus, i like both their voice actors -sighs-

Takahiro… gah! He’s just… stupid. I mean, if YOUR best friend presses himself against you (also a guy) and sandwiches you between him and the wall, pushes his face forwards until you can feel his breath lingering against your cheek, his lips an inch from yours. Tell me he’s not gonna kiss/molest/rape you right then and there. And to think Takahiro believes that Akihiko sees him as JUST A FRIEND. Yeah right…

Misaki… is loud. And too impulsive. I don’t like his voice all that much. But he’s cute at times. Omfg, have you SEEN season 2? Akihiko’s brother, Haruhiko is so cool. He brings stoic to an all new level. He’s pretty much a reincarnation of Kyouya. Cool, calm and collected. A MUCH better characterisation though. I really like Haruhiko. I don’t even mind HIM ending up with Misaki, stealing him away from his own brother. But as usual, typical shonen-ai animes like to please their audiences. So Misaki still sticks with Akihiko. Much to your displeasure. 

7. Anime recommendation? Errr… have you seen HunterxHunter? It’s really good. Lotsa slashy characters too. Though, the graphics kills approximately 50% of how awesome it really is. It’s old. And the characters aren’t fabulously designed. But it entertained me ^^ I don’t really “support” any pairing in this anime… though KilluaxGon is pretty much canon. Cindy likes HisokaxGon x_X” gay pedophilia?

And Mai Hime was pretty good too. Though the lack of decent male characters (and even male characters in general) annoyed me. But i can’t blame the producers. If the characters were guys, the story would be totally different. 

Ahh… what else, what else… Soul Eater?… iuno if you’ll like it. Me and canadian enjoyed it. It’s really funny. Though probably not your type of humour… 

And Avatar (the last airbender)? … it’s not an anime… it’s an American cartoon… everyone’s heard of this one. But it’s really good. Childish, but good. You MAY have seen bits of it on (australian) tv… but that’s just the book of water. They haven’t aired anything after that. Basically, the second arc (earth) was my fav. The third arc (fire) was pretty good too. Heh… i really need to expand my vocabulary. Must learn to use adjectives other than “good”… -goes off in search of a thesaurus- 

8. Quote: “...BORED!!!!!!!! and whats the point of checkin the blog if u guys don’t update regularly huh?? that is MY question” Maybe coz i want to pass the HSC? 

-wipes brow- FINALLY. That took a damn long time for me to finish. heh… you’d better appreciate this Noel! I should’ve been writing my Hamlet critical study essay. 



just found the perfect pictures to describe our relationship (for those who know us *cough* cindy *cough* alice, NO, that is NOT a double entendre).

they describe ALL…

sasuke-and-narutome: naruto

thecanadian: sasuke



itachi-gone-wrongme: sasuke

thecanadian: itachi


For once, i actually should thank canadian for showing me this picture:


She found it at the end of chapter 234 of the manga, and i’d have to say that it’s definitely my favourite scan. Hibari looks awesome!! In fact ALL of them look awesome, hence the name: khr awesomeness

… Although I was the one who slaved away trying to find the original scan (without the scanlator’s credits) the old fashioned way (ie: google images and guessing keywords), canadian was desperate enough to actually contact the scanlators  =____=”

After 2 and a half hours, I prevailed!! ^^

Turns out it was from the back cover of the Original Soundtrack. 

Here’s the pic: 



Anyways, while trying to find that one scan, i stumbled across a couple of others which i really liked too ^^ 








In the end, i guess fanservice is a MUST


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