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Okkiku Furikabutte

Posted on: June 3, 2010

So if you’re incredibly dumb, have skin that’s unnaturally pale, and it just so happens that your name is crystal with a H.. you might be one of the “lucky” people who know that i’ve recently developed an extreme, undeniable urge to watch Okkiku Furikabutte.

Okay. so maybe it’s licensed. Not that that’s ever stopped me before >__>

If you knew me, you’d know that i haaaate. hate with a burning fiery passionn, online streaming episodes. so that wasn’t an option.

But no. fricking. website. has it available. for. direct. download. ( does actually have it.. but for some reason their server connections aren’t working.. or maybe the links are dead. iuno)

AGHkjashFLa mseUs DGKJh


i have a mac. macs + torrenting = *insert keyboard smashing*

soo.. that’s where it’s at as of now. I’ve lasted almost 2 days without touching it, because usually when i touch things they inexplicably break down, explode and die… and then maybe crash and burn some more.

Anyway, turns out i couldn’t wait -__-, and i’ve already finished pretty much the entire first season.


If you’ve seen prince of tennis or eyeshield 21.. this is like.. an extremely.. toned-down baseball orientated sports anime. i won’t lie, in terms of actual sporting and competition, those two are definitely on a different level.

(If you like yaoi, you should get torrenting. s’like watching yaoi without any actual yaoi >.> )

Mihashi is THE MOST adorable liitttlee (figuratively speaking) boy EVARR. suuure, if any other 16 year old guy (keywords: in real life) burst into tears in front of me every 3 seconds, it’d get awkward pretty quickly. *inches. away. slowly… veeery.. slowww. ly..*

But hey. anything goes in anime.

XDD including this:

hehe. i love tajimaaaa. his expression is literally:


D: D:


wao. this post came out sorta download-ranting turned fail-anime-review turned compulsive-screenshot-uploading -__-,

umm coz im not interested in yaoi.. im obviously not going to watch this. …watch iiiittt. it’s cute X) you know.. shojo.. without the shojo -__-, heh heh..

esp since there are no SUITABLY AGED GUYS IN IT.

im srsly beginning to out-grow characters.. WHAI ARE THEY ALL IN HIGHSCHOOL.

Ichigo is frickin’ 15 T^T

— this is a tragedy… that all anime lovin’ ppl musht go through… T___T what did we do to deserve this..!!?

PSH. They’re SIXTEEN (16). if that’s not “suitably aged” then iuno what is. seriously. anything between 12 and 25 is aaaall good.

LOOK at them. Their glimmering eyes, rosy red cheeks… that does not look like 16. They look like… 12 yr olds.

i am not a pedophile. i am not a pedophile. i am not a pedophile. i am NOT a pedophile goddamn youuuuuuu *covers ears*

you are. *pats on back* stay away from my bruh-dah. X)


2 Responses to "Okkiku Furikabutte"

LOL! at the love quarrel~<3

PEEEEDo….and nothing can beat prince of tennis!!!!!!! *insane urge to watch it all over again* but needs anime!! can you just give me a cd with all the anime’s that are worth watching?? *SIGHH* my life’s just not the same without anime…


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